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LetsLaze™ – Relaxation At First Sight

Let’s face it, our day-to-day lives can be stressful. A hard day at work? A tiring commute on the bus or train? Hours spent stuck in a traffic jam? It’s time to redress the work/life balance with LetsLaze™, the world’s first pump-free air lounger.

With our inflatable sofa, it’s relaxation at first sight. What better antidote to a day spent cramped behind a desk than to stretch out in superior comfort? What’s more, our air sofa inflates in seconds, so it’s there exactly when you need it. Ways to relax in our inflatable lounger are endless. In a range of inviting and vibrant colours, it will quickly become your favourite TV chair or gaming chair. Or simply that ‘go-to place’ when you need to chill out.

On a work night, it is vital to take time to recharge. Returning home, our muscles are tense and our minds are tired. Carrying this stress on to the next working day can be detrimental to our performance and wellbeing. Easing back into the LetsLaze™ is a great way of getting plenty of rest, leaving us alert and recharged for our next big challenge.

But let’s not forget that our inflatable sofa is also great for any weekend away day or holiday. Perfect for all surfaces, waterproof and neatly packaged in a lightweight travel bag, our air lounger is as great outdoors as it is indoors. Long days at the beach? Reclining in luxury at a festival? Kicking back when camping? Whether you are a professional sun-seeker or extreme outdoor adventurer, the world is your oyster when you can rock up and relax almost anywhere you choose. Take in the sun, the music, or the scenery and when you’re done, the LetsLaze™ deflates in seconds.

In an increasingly frantic, demanding world, the value of relaxation is high and the cost of stress even higher. Our Superb Inflatable Sofa is a practical and fun way to take a conscious break from our stressful working lives. Whether in the home, or in the great outdoors, the LetsLaze™ is the essential, hassle- free way of winding down that you’ll turn to again and again.

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