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Rest Easy on Your Winter Beach Holiday With This Great Air Sofa

Escaping the cold this winter?

The Christmas season is a popular month for many to go abroad and catch some winter rays while everyone is freezing their backsides off back home. There’s nothing like laying on the beach, with a cocktail in hand, thinking about how all your friends and family are coping with the cold snap that hits Britain every year.

If this is how your Christmas holiday is panning out, we’d recommend taking the LetsLaze™ air sofa with you for extra comfort and relaxation. It’s a fantastic item for the beach, and only requires a few seconds to inflate without the need for a pump! Just scooping up the air will blow your inflatable sofa up.

LetsLaze™ inflatable lounger is not just good for sipping cocktails on – it can be used for bathing on, and you can even ride the waves with it! With beach sun loungers costing roughly €10,- a day to rent, you can save yourself a bundle by having your own more comfy solution.

Don’t believe us? Check out one user’s video, filmed in Mexico this month:


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