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What LetsLaze™ Means To Me – Gary’s Story

We spoke to Gary, who took the LetsLaze™ Original with him on his travels to North America over the summer. He has kindly shared his experience with us.

We all want to discover ourselves when we are young.

Many of us pack up and go on amazing journeys. Some of us go to Europe. Others North America. A few of us even go as far as Asia and Australia.

I know I did. I took it upon myself to travel across the States. It wasn’t all about planes. There were times when I was by foot, hiking through the great outdoors, rafting down the Colorado River or climbing the Rocky Mountains.

It was an awesome experience but also a tiring one. There were days out in the wild I just wanted to relax. And some days I just missed my home comforts. When you’re exploring the world’s natural beauties, you don’t have time to sit back and chill out.

It was on those difficult days I was glad to have my inflatable sofa  LetsLaze™.

When I took it with me, I honestly had no idea how much it was going to help. But with a few scoops of air, I suddenly had somewhere to lie back with my feet up. I could take in the stunning Rockies with comfort.

Believe me when I say there’s nothing quite like feeling the crisp mountain air while overlooking the range with your hands behind your head, your body nestled on top of the most relaxing air lounger in the world. It was in those moments I finally got to reflect on life and appreciate the small things that make it worth living.

Those are the moments I will treasure forever.

When people ask me what LetsLaze™ is, I don’t tell them it is an inflatable, or a recliner, or a product. For me, it’s an experience. It is the travel companion I desperately needed.

That’s whatLetsLaze™ means to me.

You don’t have to believe me. I recommend you try it for yourself. Then you’ll understand what it means to you, too.

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